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About Us


GIRISON GARMENT FINISHING EQUIPMENT has been a leading distributor & wholesaler of garment accessories since 1999. GIRISON products are in demand to 1st ‘choice’ on account of their improved functioning and utmost care and concern for their customers . we truly understand the varying needs of customers for good quality products at competitive and reasonable prices paired with trained and knowledgeable customer service.


GIRISON GARMENT FINISHING EQUIPMENT is located in Mumbai .We have a band of well-trained staff members in the customer service .The product development , the design departments are working sincerely to fulfill our customer requirements . You will find easy to navigate and full of helpful information that will assist you in making an informed buying decision. GIRISON GARMENT FINISHING EQUIPMENT offers you a wide range of quality products at best price that will satisfy your needs.


GIRISON GARMENT FINISHING EQUIPMENT has a large range of products including vacuum table , inbuilt table , portable boiler , manual boiler , auto electric steam boiler and many more.


Our prime goal is customer satisfaction and we are always striving to make our services even better by way offering you the latest and most reliable garment accessory products in the market.