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Diesel / Gas Steam Generator

Advances technologically desing fire tube non-IBR steam generators. They produce quick and dry steam due to large heating surface and high efficient imported Burners. With low Co2 content exhaust maintaining and clean combusion makes it almost pollutant-free. This boiler comes with imported diesel fuel low emission burner or with imported gas burner. Diesel/gas steam generator equipped with Temperature controller & Temperature indicator.

Diesel / Gas Steam Generator


Model No. GD-50 GG-50 GD-100 GG-100
Power Consumption 1.5KW 1.5KW 1.5KW 1.5KW
Power Supply 230V 50Hz 230V 50Hz 230V 50Hz 230V 50Hz
Fuel Type Diesel LPG Diesel LPG
Steam Pressure 4 Bar 4 Bar 4 Bar 4 Bar
Steam Iron 12 12 24 24
All Steam Iron 8 8 15 15
Diesel Cons. LIT. Per/h 0.5-3.0Ltrs - 6-7Ltrs -
Weight Approx(kgs) 950 950 1200 1200