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Auto Electrical Steam Generator

All Boiler functions are electronically controlled through a brain-card. Water is fed by a built-in tank. With built-in water pump 1HP. All boilers have fully automatic steam boilers meets safety standard and regulations. Equipped with electronic water level controller, water level gauge, pressure gauge, warning lightning for the "steam ready" signal, high steam safety buzzer, pressure safety, Temperature controller & Temperature Indicator and steam blow down valve. An Indiegenous product with imported Spares, assured spares and service availability.

G-04-06 Auto Electrical Steam Boiler

G-08-12 Auto Electrical Steam Boiler

G-18-27 Auto Electrical Steam Boiler

G-12-18 Auto Electrical Steam Boiler

G-27-45 Auto Electrical Steam Boiler


Model No. G-04-06 G-08-12 G-12-18 G-18-27 G-27-45
Heating Power 6kw 12kw 18kw 27kw 45kw
No. of Heaters 2 2 2 3 5
Water Pump 1hp 1hp 1hp 1hp 1hp
Power Supply 1Ø 230v 3Ø 440v 3Ø 440v 3Ø 44v 3Ø 440v
Steam Pressure 3.5kgs 3.5kgs 4.0kgs 4.0kgs 4.0kgs
Steam Consumption (Approx) 7.0kg/h 13.5kg/h 20.5kg/h 30.0kg/h 50.0kg/h
Steam Iron Connected 2 4 6 12 18
All Steam Iron Connected 1 2 4 8 12
Weight kgs(Appox) 35 40 50 70 145